Monday, August 21, 2000

August 21, 2000


I'm back at school. It is a nice time to get away from parents. I haven't made any friends, but maybe this time I will. Maybe the 1st grade is my lucky year of school. My life could turn around this year. I can make plenty of friends, and get along with my parents.
I never did have any friends. No one wanted to be around me. Someday I would have a friend! And I hope that someday is today! I don't even know what having a friend is like. What do you do with a friend? How are you suppose to treat them? I have no clue. Well, except I know a little bit of what you do with a friend. I'm guessing that friends play with each other a lot, go to each other's birthday parties, and stuff like that. There is just one problem about that for me. I never have had a birthday party. My parents never let me have one, and no one would've come anyways.
I'm still not getting along with my parents. Yes, they still hate me. What am I suppose to do? I'll just have to try harder. Wish me luck!

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